Organic Coconut Oil



Most people think that coconuts are grown without using chemicals and that they are either natural or organic coconuts. Well they are wrong! A lot of coconut farms around the world use chemicals. When we mention "organic coconut oil", chemicals like pesticides, inorganic fertilizers, are not used and in other words is grown by organic means. Anyone that makes organic coconut oil has to prove that organic coconuts are used in the manufacturing process and have a license to certify that.


Coconut oil has been getting a boost in popularity recently, with a widely-read national magazine touting it as “miracle food” because of its ability to enhance thyroid functions, burn fat, and increase metabolism to provide more energy. People have rushed to their grocery stores and virtually cleaned out the shelves. Manufacturers are now realizing that the demand for coconut oil is larger than the supply, and they are working to remedy the situation. More coconut oil products have hit the market, including those which are highly-refined and inexpensive variety for those who are not willing to spend, or wait for the next shipment.


However, while this serves as a solution in the minds of dishonest manufacturers, the consumers are at risk. Because of coconut oil’s popularity, they intend to release products to meet the demand, but these low-quality items have almost the opposite effects of true, top-quality virgin grade coconut oil. Low-grade coconut oil comes from improper manufacturing: coconuts are split and then left there to dry in the sun. Tropical areas where coconut oil is usually manufactured are often very humid and very hot, the ideal habitat for molds and germ-carrying flies, and these are more than happy to settle on the exposed meat of coconuts. Potentially harmful solvents are then used to extract the oil, and more chemicals are used in case it needs to be bleached back to its original color. The valuable nutrients and chemicals that the coconuts naturally possessed would be destroyed, leaving a tasteless and potentially harmful oil in its place. This dishonest practice is not exclusive to coconut oils alone. Try to look for organic oils made from cold-pressing.


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