Coconut Oil Cures



Coconut butter, or coconut oil as it is more popularly known, is oil manufactured mainly from the tropics. It has been gaining popularity recently because of its numerous health benefits. The Philippines is the world’s major exporter of coconut oil. It accounts for seven percent of the overall export income of the country. However, coconut oil has long been in existence as a commercial product. South Asian merchants have been trading this in the South seas from way back, as early as the 1860s.


Coconut oil is comprised of more or less 90% saturated fat. There is also a large percentage of medium-chain fatty acids present in the oil. Saturated fatty acids that can be found in coconut oil are lauric acid, palmitic acid, myristic acid, and caprylic acid, to name a few. The melting point of unrefined coconut oil is at 25 degrees Celsius, and it starts to emit smoke at 170 degrees Celsius. The refined variety, however, possesses a higher smoke point (232 degrees Celsius).


Because of its stability, coconut oil does not easily spoil. However, experts would recommend storing it in its solid form to prolong its shelf life. Among the many benefits of coconut oil consumption is its ability to reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol, a known culprit in causing heart diseases. This is in stark contrast to pre-existing notions that saturated fats can increase the risk for cardiovascular abnormalities. In addition, virgin coconut oil is also believed to positively affect patients afflicted with HIV/AIDS. It has also been known to be useful in losing weight and treating poison.


An article appearing in Journal of Medicinal Food in Ibadan, Nigeria studied the effects of coconut oil on microorganisms. The study concluded that the oil has the capability of killing some varieties of Candida, a microorganism that can cause candidiasis in humans. Fungal infections can also be treated by application of coconut oil.


Knowing all these benefits, it’s no wonder that virgin coconut oil are becoming more and more popular. Research is still underway to discover what other benefits this miracle oil can bring.