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This Guide has been written to tell you about all the wonderful benefits of Coconut Oil. It has good information and tips which will help you decide if and what types of oil to buy and the benefits that they can give.


Coconut oil has long been in existence. Merchants from South Asia have been developing this since the 1960s, and it was traded across countries in the South Seas. Coconut oil, also referred to as coconut butter, is extracted from copra, or Kopra, the South Indian name for dried coconut.

Coconut oil has been known to have several benefits not only to the skin but to the whole body as well. It is an ingredient in many Asian dishes, or it can be consumed in its raw form. It can be used to cook, as natural ingredients to margarine, soap, and even cosmetics. Hydrogenated coconut oils in whole or in part are used in producing some varieties of non-dairy creamers and snacks. Coconut oil can also be used to moisturize the hair and the skin when used as prescribed. Masseuses and makers of essences also use this product in great quantities.


Nutritionists and dieticians extol the use of oil extracted from dried coconuts for its nutritional properties. Some of its benefits include the reduction of cholesterol throughout the human body, and its ability to treat thyroid abnormalities. The oil in its pure form can be applied to the hair and the skin, thus enhancing softness, beauty, and growth. It is a common practice in coastal regions around the world for mothers to massage their babies with this oil. Coconut oil has also been discovered to possess a high smoke-point, thus making it ideal for frying.


This oil is often manufactured by different Asian countries as a response to the increasing demand for it. The largest exporter of coconut oil in the world is the Philippines. Seven percent of this country’s export income comes from making coconut oil available throughout the world. There are already many benefits of coconut oil, and research is underway to discover more of them.


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